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April /   “Critical Play as an Art History Framework, “ In and Out of Art History: The Video Game Conundrum. Association of Art History, Association of Art Historians, Edinburgh April

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Feng Zhang, a member of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and an associate professor in the Departments of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and of Biological Engineering, has been named a winne

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8775 These poems begin with personal concerns which find themselves afloat and submerged in the currents of today 8767 s political waters. 8775 Are you near or / Can you swim ? 8776 Mary Flanagan asks, posting updates with God, wondering at America 8767 s endless varieties of toilet paper and fake
news, and meeting a vampire who is neither teen, nor paranormal, nor romantic. Ghost Sentence makes something hauntingly real out of several sorts of profound, contemporary crises.”

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November / “Freedom at Play in Digital Games,” Philosophy of Computer Games 7569 Istanbul 68-65
7568 November / Exhibition Media Arts Dortmund Germany

Engage with CONHI: attend or organize an alumni event, or touch lives through a financial investment. Together we're making an impact on our community and beyond.

Business Innovation Factory write up on my work: Playing Games and Finding Our Humanity,  by Maureen Tuthill
Leigh Alexander 8767 s Gamasutra Article: Can games change minds?

Research programs of the Department of Kinesiology are also diverse.  Faculty research interests and publications in the Department of Kinesiology include adapted sports, sports pedagogy, applied biomechanics, motor development, cardiovascular physiology, autonomic function, environmental physiology, cardiac function, pulmonary responses to exercise, postural control in the elderly, dynamic regulation of blood pressure, assessment and management of sports-related concussions, the effects of modalities on the treatment of athletic injuries, and the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on the treatment of diseases.

An Appreciation on the Impact of the work of Sonia Landy Sheridan.
The Art of Sonia Landy Sheridan.
Hanover, NH: Hood Museum of Art, 7559, 87-97.

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