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Reading Comprehension Questions

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:44

Students with poor reading comprehension skills lack adequate ability to truly understand the many facets of what they are reading.  Processing the information presented in the text is hard for them. They also find it difficult to connect new ideas to previously learned facts and they haven’t learned to implement higher order thinking skills so they can analyze, synthesize, and evaluate new knowledge.

Teaching Reading Comprehension in Selected Primary Schools

Today’s Independent Reading (IR) programs differ significantly from SSR and DEAR. Effective IR programs require active teacher engagement, time, a broad range of leveled texts, talk around texts, and differentiated instruction. The benefits are well worth it: increased student achievement, motivation, and a love of reading.

Reading Comprehension Problems - Speech-Language Resources

At school, we were taught to read each word one by one aloud, and now even if we don’t read aloud there is still a voice inside us that sub-vocalizes each word while reading. This is one of the key problems that make us read not as fast as we want to.

ReadingQuest | Reading Strategies for Social Studies

Students often think they understand a body of material and, believing that they know it, stop trying to learn more. But come test time, it turns out they really don't know the material very well at all. Can cognitive science tell us anything about why students are commonly mistaken about what they know and don't know? Are there any strategies teachers can use to help students better estimate what they know?

Thank you so much for saying so. I would like to write some more to put on this page after I finish this learning game on which I am working: Genre Piranha. Check for new comprehension texts and worksheets in the fall. Best wishes!

You probably have heard about people who read lots of books in a very short time, and you might have wondered how it is even possible to read books that fast. Theodore Roosevelt was a real passionate reader. He could read a book or two in a day. John F. Kennedy was known for his reading speed as well and encouraged all of his cabinet to take speed reading classes.

Now, there are many factors that lead to literacy problems in people of all ages, such as the inadequate education system and school infrastructure, living in countries with high poverty and unemployment rates, or growing up in places that have a high crime rate…etc. But, what about the people who are simply not interested, let’s say, in reading books for pleasure?

This question requires the examinee to use evidence from the passage to infer what the author would be most likely to believe. The question is not simply to identify something that the author states explicitly. Rather, the test taker must identify what can reasonably be inferred from what the author says.

Children go through phases of reading development from preschool through third grade — from exploration of books to independent reading. In first grade, children begin to read simple stories and can write about a topic that is meaningful to them. Find out what parents and teachers can do to support first grade literacy skills.

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