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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 21:54

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Rabbinics and Liturgy: Rabbi Lewis M. Barth, . Rabbi Michael Chernick, . Rabbi Jonathan Cohen, . Rabbi Norman J. Cohen, . Rabbi Shlomo Fox Rabbi Edward A. Goldman, . Alyssa Gray, . Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, . Jason Kalman, . Rabbi David Levine, . Rabbi Dalia Marx, . Rabbi Aaron D. Panken, . Zohara Pardes-Feinstein, . Rabbi Stephen M. Passamaneck, . Rabbi Richard S. Sarason, . Rabbi Mark Washofsky, . Rabbi Dvora E. Weisberg, . Ruhama Weiss, .

What is religion? - Religious tolerance

LEARN offers innovative online video talks, podcasts, and articles by the largest global Jewish studies faculty and thought leaders of the Reform Movement, the Jewish community, and the larger world.

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This phenomenon constantly plays out in hospital rooms and disaster zones around the world. In 7566, for example, a massive earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand &ndash a highly secular society. There was a sudden spike of religiosity in the people who experienced that event, but the rest of the country remained as secular as ever. While exceptions to this rule do exist &ndash religion in Japan plummeted following World War II, for instance &ndash for the most part, Zuckerman says, we adhere by the Christchurch model. &ldquo If experiencing something terrible caused all people to become atheists, then we&rsquo d all be atheists,&rdquo he says.

Professional Development: Rabbi Renni Altman Rabbi William Cutter, . Rabbi Kenneth Kanter Madelyn Katz, . Rabbi Jan Katzew, . Rabbi Richard Levy Rabbi Julie Schwartz Ruhama Weiss, . Rabbi Nancy Wiener, .

Religious experiences for non-believers can also manifest in other, more bizarre ways. Anthropologist Ryan Hornbeck, also at the Thrive Center for Human Development, found evidence that the World of Warcraft is assuming spiritual importance for some players in China, for example. &ldquo WoW seems to be offering opportunities to develop certain moral traits that regular life in contemporary society doesn&rsquo t afford,&rdquo Barrett says. &ldquo People seem to have this conceptual space for religious thought, which &ndash if it&rsquo s not filled by religion &ndash bubbles up in surprising ways.&rdquo

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. a system of social coherence based on a common group of beliefs or attitudes concerning an object, person, unseen being, or system of thought considered to be supernatural, sacred, divine or highest truth, and the moral codes, practices, values, institutions, traditions, and rituals associated with such belief or system of thought.

Jewish Education: Isa Aron, . Lisa Grant, . Rabbi Samuel Joseph, MAJL Rabbi Jan Katzew, . Michal Muszkat-Barkan, . Evie Rotstein, . Miriam Heller Stern, . Michael Zeldin, .

Then Alex writes her introduction. But instead of beginning with a general statement about civil wars, she gives us the ideas we need to know in order to understand all the parts of her argument:

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Understanding this requires a delve into &ldquo dual process theory&rdquo . This psychological staple states that we have two very basic forms of thought: System 6 and System 7. System 7 evolved relatively recently. It&rsquo s the voice in our head &ndash the narrator who never seems to shut up &ndash that enables us to plan and think logically.

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