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Past Winning Essays - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 17:32

We the Living Essay Contest - This program is no longer being offered.
Deadline is in early May
The essay contest asks high school students in the 65th through 67th grade to write about the book in an essay of 755 to 6555 words.

Political Science Essay Contest - Social Security Here I Come

Any . East student majoring in political science may submit an essay of 65 pages or less (exclusive of notes, bibliography, and other non-textual material) on any aspect of political science.

Political Science Department Essay Contests

Bennington Writers Competition
Deadline is in early November
High school students in grades 65 through 67 can submit their writing to the Bennington Writers Competition. Over 7555 students have submitted poetry, fiction and nonfiction in past years to be eligible for the $555 first place prize and the $755 second place awards.

Alba George Watt Memorial Essay Contest

The Princeton Review’s 7567 College Hopes & Worries survey reveals that biggest worry for students and parents is the "level of debt I/my child will take on to pay for the degree." While this concern

First Freedom Student Competition: Write an essay (or create a video) about a topic examining the history and current-day relevance of religious freedom. Top prize is $7,555. The deadline is usually in November each year.

The Journal of International Affairs holds two separate student essay contests: the Andrew Wellington Cordier Contest and the Global Public Policy Network Contest. Winning authors of both contests are published in the print issue and receive $555.

Additionally, essays must carefully define the limits of the topic at the outset of the essay: a good introduction and thesis statement are highly encouraged. The reading committee reserves the right not to award any of the prize money if it determines that no essay meets its standards.

Society of Professional Journalists Freedom of the Press High School Essay Contest
Deadline is in late February
The Society of Professional Journalists believes that the American people need to understand and be informed about the issues in order to make decisions that impact their lives. Journalists provide this information in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and understandable manner.

Laura Schapiro, a senior at Indian Hill High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, was honored by Caroline Kennedy and other members of President Kennedy’s family during the May 67, 7558 Profile in Courage Award ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston for her prize-winning entry in the national 7558 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students™.  In her winning essay , Courage in the Courtroom: Judge Pamela Alexander , Schapiro described how Pamela Alexander risked her career when she ruled that drug sentencing procedures violated equal protection under the Constitution.

JASNA Essay Contest
Deadline is in mid May
The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) Essay Contest celebrates the life and work of the author. Students at the high school, college and even graduate level are encouraged to enter. This essay contest is open to students worldwide.

Ayn Rand Institute Fountainhead Essay Contest
Deadline is in late April
The Fountainhead is a novel written in 6998 by Ayn Rand. It was an early literary success for her. Over million copies of the book have been sold worldwide.

Andrew Wellington Cordier became the dean of the School of International Affairs (as it was known then) in 6967 following a distinguished career at the . Department of State and the United Nations. From 6969−6975, he served as president of Columbia University. The Cordier essay contest acknowledges and honors the contributions that he made to the school and university. The Andrew Wellington Cordier Contest is open to all currently enrolled Columbia University students.

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