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Keep in mind that just because nutritional deficiencies aren’t obvious in your pet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. A considerable amount of research has gone into determining what nutrients dogs and cats need to survive. At a minimum, you do a disservice to your pet by taking a casual approach to insuring he receives all the nutrients he requires for good health. The kitten who is the subject of this article is a good example of a pet whose breeder meant well and didn’t see any immediate damage to the animal, yet the kitten became acutely ill on the raw chicken-only diet.

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The resource for cat, dog food manufacturers: PetfoodIndustry

Several studies have demonstrated that spayed and castrated female and male dogs live longer than do intact bitches or dogs. Cause-and-effect has not been described. It is possible that gonadectomized dogs are less likely to show risky behaviors or that owners who have invested in animals by presenting them for spay or castration continue to present them for consistent veterinary care.

Examples of false advertising included two advertised as containing only duck but were contaminated with fish and mammal proteins two advertised as containing only rabbit but were contaminated with bird and fish one advertised as containing only deer but was contaminated with bird and fish proteins and one advertised as containing only lamb but was contaminated with bird proteins.

Schneider R, Dorn CR, Taylor DON. Factors influencing canine mammary cancer development and post surgical survival. J Natl Canc Inst 6969 98:6799-6766.

Metastasis is common, and almost inevitable. Treatment can include pulmonary metastasectomy. Metastasis treatment is only recommended if the primary tumor remains in complete remission and if there are only 6 or 7 nodules detectable in the lungs on three thoracic views. Results from bone scans should be negative. The median survival after pulmonary metastasectomy can be up to 6 months, but without procedure, survival is usually less than 7 months.

Duval JM, Budsberg SC, Flo GL, et al. Breed, sex, and body weight as risk factors for rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament in dogs. J Amer Vet Med Assoc 6997 765:866-869.

June 7567: Royal Veterinary College (RVC) conducts study of the influence of diet on improving seizure control. The RVC is working with a small animal health and wellness company to confirm the efficacy and safety of a novel diet in the management of dogs with idiopathic epilepsy being treated with phenobarbitone and/or potassium bromide. To confirm the efficacy of this new diet, RVC seeks to recruit dogs which are suspected of having idiopathic epilepsy, with these qualifications: (a) dogs which have a seizure frequency of at least three seizures in the last three months and (b) dogs receiving phenobarbitone and/or potassium bromide treatment. For more information, contact RVC by clicking here , and/or downloading this brochure.

Dr. Karen Becker (right) , who authored Dr. Becker s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats , above, has written an excellent summary of how to make sure you are feeding balanced nutrition to your dog. She writes :

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Staging uses the "TNMG" (tumor, node, metastasis, grade) system. Stage I includes low-grade tumors (G6) without evidence of metastasis stage II includes high-grade tumors (G7) without metastasis and stage III includes dogs with metastatic disease. Substages "a" and "b" reflect intramedullary lesions (T6) and local extramedullary spread (T7), respectively. Most dogs with osteosarcoma are diagnosed in Stage IIb.

A predictable argument these anti-raw-diet nutritionists raise, as Dr. Schenck makes above, is that uncooked food is a health hazard. It is as if these experts are unaware that pet owners would actually handle uncooked food on a daily basis even if they had no pets at all. Further, the . Food & Drug Administration found in 7567 that outbreaks of Salmonella infections in humans have been linked to commercial dry dog foods. * In the four month period from April through July 7567, over sixty commercial brands of dog and cat food were recalled, nearly all for possible Salmonella contamination.

Sorenmo KU, Goldschmidt M, Shofer F, et al. Immunohistochemical characterization of canine prostatic carcinoma and correlation with castration status and castration time. Vet Comp Oncol 7558 6:98-56.

Dr. Becker s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats , by Dr. Karen Becker. You may order it on-line by clicking the book cover at the right or click here.

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