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The Environmental Science labs require you to have Java installed on your computer. You can get the latest version at http:///en/download/

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Teacher Paul Andersen in Montana has made an impressive set of short videos organized by the Six Big Ideas following the AP Chemistry Revision. He uses a lot of concept maps and pHet simulations that give you ideas of how to add to your own teaching.

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Jamie Benigna, The Roeper School, MI—This course is taught at an independent school for the gifted where the teacher focuses on inquiry and student-directed discovery of information.

AP Chemistry: The Course | AP Central – The College Board

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got a 795/855 on the SAT chemistry test! Thank you for helping me prepare for it! Thanks, Naveena

Naveena Bontha High School student

96 - Temperature
97 - Heat Exchange
98 - Energy Transfer
99 - Conservation of Energy
55 - Energy Changing Processes
56 - Calorimetry
57 - Bond Length & Bond Energy
58 - Enthalpy of Reaction

85 - The Rate of Reactions
86 - The Rate Law
87 - The Rate Constant
88 - Elementary Reactions
89 - Activation Energy
95 - The Reaction Path

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Really good. Tutor was well prepared and explained concepts by using different examples. The sessions are saved so they can be revised afterwards as well. ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **

Jamal Ahmed

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