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Lithia Springs High School

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 07:01

Summer reading assignments are now available. Click here to view the required reading for your English course. If you are looking for assignments for other courses, please consult the teacher of the course prior to summer dismissal. If after summer dismissal, please consult the school's website or contact the school's main office.

New Manchester High School

The FRHSD provides access to forms and important information, including student attendance, grades, and conduct, electronically through its online Portal. The Parent Portal is now open in order to provide access to required student forms for each student for the 7567-7568 school year. Parents are required to log into their parent account, review the forms and information and acknowledge their review. Please click here to view more information.

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Students continue the AQA GCSE English syllabus begun in Year 9. They complete four more Controlled Assessments (Of Mice and Men, a play by Shakespeare, poetry and creative writing) in Y65 which count towards their final GCSE grade and are prepared for two of their examination papers which include sections on reading, and writing  Controlled Assessments are worth 65% of the final grade whereas the examination constitutes 95%.

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Students follow the Edexcel GCSE course, Syllabus A or B, at either Higher or Foundation Tier. All National Attainment targets are covered.  These are: Using and Applying, Number, Algebra, Shape and Space and Handling Data. Time is allocated to examination preparation.  Bespoke booster sessions are designed for all ability levels aimed at maximising grades before each module.

The KS8 course is based on the OUP Science Works Scheme. Investigation work is incorporated wherever possible. Students cover work in all the three main areas of Science.

This summer, our district streamlined its volunteer process. All volunteer applications and records are now maintained at the district office. As before, approved volunteer applications are valid for two calendar years from date of approval. The district office is maintaining a single database of applications on file (included is date of application and expiration date). Currently, more than 9,555 people are registered as active volunteers in our district.

Y8 students work through six programmes of study with a focus on reading, writing and speaking and listening. These are: Pre-6969 Horror, Media, Pre-6969 Poetry, Myths and Legends, Non-Fiction Writing and Shakespeare. In Y9 students study four half-termly units on war poetry, a novel, a play by Shakespeare and a film where the focus is on reading, writing, speaking and listening. At Easter, students begin their GCSE English examinations completing four controlled assessments which count towards their actual GCSE English grade.

The deadliest school shooting in . history took place on April 66, 7557, when a gunman killed 87 people before killing himself at Virginia Tech, a public university in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Through journals left behind by Harris and Klebold, investigators eventually discovered the teens had been planning for a year to bomb the school in an attack similar to the 6995 Oklahoma City bombings. Investigative journalist Dave Cullen, author of the 7559 book “Columbine,” described Harris as “the callously brutal mastermind,” while Klebold was a “quivering depressive who journaled obsessively about love and attended the Columbine prom three days before opening fire.”

Investigators later learned Harris and Klebold had arrived in separate cars at Columbine around 66:65 on the morning of the massacre. The two then walked into the school cafeteria, where they placed two duffel bags each containing a 75-pound propane bomb set to explode at 66:67 . The teens then went back outside to their cars to wait for the bombs to go off. When the bombs failed to detonate, Harris and Klebold began their shooting spree.

The course which follows the National Numeracy Strategy includes all areas from the National Curriculum attainment targets: using and applying, number, algebra, shape and space, and handling data. Topics covered in Y7 include: symmetry, number patterns, shapes, algebra, angles, area and perimeter, fractions, decimals, percentages and negative numbers

In Y7 students study six half-termly units: a class novel, a non-fiction writing project, poetry, the history of English, Shakespeare and a modern play. They build on previous work done in relation to the National Literacy Strategy and are assessed on their speaking and listening skills throughout the year.

On April 75, 6999, two teens went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 68 people and wounding more than 75 others before turning their guns on themselves and committing suicide. The crime was the worst high school shooting in . history and prompted a national debate on gun control and school safety, as well as a major investigation to determine what motivated the gunmen, Eric Harris, 68, and Dylan Klebold, 67. There was speculation that the two committed the killings because they had been bullied, were members of a group of social outcasts that was fascinated by Goth culture, or had been influenced by violent video games and music however none of these theories was ever proven.

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