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The Use of Force--William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 03:21

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Proper breathing helps you to clear these weak spots. When you clear a tension point triggered by another person, you are also helping the other person, through a mainly invisible process, to clear their corresponding tension. Remember this in all situations, both pleasant and not so pleasant.

Use of Force - Research Guide International Law | Peace

In short, a commitment to protect and preserve life necessitates the immediate adoption of more restrictive policies governing when and how officers use force in our communities.

Use of Force - Brad Thor

The law recognises that there are situations where police officers may be required to use force. The primary responsibility for using force rests with individual officers, who are answerable to the law.

Context counts. No two situations are the same, nor are any two officers. In a potentially threatening situation, an officer will quickly tailor a response and apply force, if necessary. Situational awareness is essential, and officers are trained to judge when a crisis requires the use of force to regain control of a situation. In most cases, time becomes the key variable in determining when an officer chooses to use force.

After mistakenly informing the protesters that the Trump Tower sidewalk was private property, Uher escorted one of the protesters in a KKK costume away from the building, inside of which Trump was holding a press conference to announce that he’d signed a loyalty pledge to support the Republican Party’s presidential nominee — even if it wasn’t him.

Clancy told CNN that there was “no friction at all” between his agents and Trump’s private security. He declared that his agents “only work with the law enforcement partners” and “don’t interact with” Trump’s private security.

Deck, Schiller and Uher all explained in their depositions that they were trying to clear the sidewalk because the protesters were impeding foot traffic, though the protesters’ lawyers argue there was ample room for passersby to walk past.

This does not mean that you need to be passive. The ocean will give you instructions on how to direct the Force. Sometimes it will be direct and you will just “know” what to do. Other times, you may receive intuitions that will guide you.

When Skero began his career in state and local law enforcement over 75 years ago, he remembers when a written use of force policy didn’t exist. "Things have certainly changed," he said, "and it’s good that they have."

Torture, inhuman and/or degrading treatment or punishment are all prohibited absolutely by ECHR Article 8, irrespective of the circumstances (including the need to combat terrorism) and the victim’s behaviour.

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