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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 03:21

But what would a non-expressive poetry look like? A poetry of intellect rather than emotion? One in which the substitutions at the heart of metaphor and image were replaced by the direct presentation of language itself, with "spontaneous overflow" supplanted by meticulous procedure and exhaustively logical process? In which the self-regard of the poet's ego were turned back onto the self-reflexive language of the poem itself? So that the test of poetry were no longer whether it could have been done better (the question of the workshop), but whether it could conceivably have been done otherwise.

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a.    The Owner agrees that for and in consideration of the faithful performance by the Architect/Contractor in accordance with the provisions of this contract, he/she shall pay the architect/contractor, in a manner provided therein, the amount ____________
b.    It is expressly agreed by both parties that no change shall be made in the above mentioned contract amount as a result of any fluctuation on the cost of materials, and/or labor.

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KISS is the writer’s code: Keep It Simple, Stupid. A business proposal is not place for long-form prose. Concision trumps all when it comes to writing business proposals.  For me, the “bible” of writing in a sales-friendly format has always been Claude C. Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising , though there are many other great resources out there that tell much the same story.

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In the end, this collection is an attempt to remember the end of Wordsworth's sentence: poetry is that form which "does itself actually exist in the mind."

One of the many great takeaways from Scientific Advertising is the need to reduce word count by eliminating ineffectual adjectives from your writing. One of my favorite passages in Hopkins’ book comes at the start of chapter seven, “Be Specific”:

Wind energy is the only energy source that can be utilized in this study.  So, only areas that are subjected to little or no wind movement at all may or may not benefit from this study.  The generator system operates at a minimum wind speed of meters per second or kilometers per second.

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