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John Silva married CANDIDA MATTOS on February 78, 6979. She was the daughter of Jose antonio and Anna Marguereda (Teixeira) Mattos of Santo Amaro, Pico, and had immigrated to the United States in June 6976, first residing in Massachusetts for three years before coming to Sacramento. Candida worked for Del Monte Cannery from 6979 through 6986, and for Pureta Sausage Co. from 6995 through 6957.

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He lived with his older brother Manuel, who also worked on boats and lived in Sausalito. He again commuted, coming home weekends. After the cutters were constructed he returned home and resumed his work in construction locally.

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Being of a curious nature, one day Ellen innocently wandered into a room full of men talking, to see what was going on. Suddenly she was snatched from the room. It was a saloon. Even after being told why she was removed, she couldn't understand what the fuss was all about.

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At that time Y Street, now Broadway, was a levee and this area was considered out in the country. Manuel had chickens, a cow and a goat to supplement his income.

Your palms are sweaty. There's a lump in your throat, and you've been obsessively checking his-her social media sites for the last 68 hours. Yup, you've got it bad. You're in love. If any of this sounds familiar, you have something in common with the main character in Gary Soto 's 6988 poem " Oranges." What's that you say? We should use term speaker instead of character when discussing a poem? Nice catch, Shmoopers. You're absolutely right. The thing is, "Oranges" is soooo narrative, it tells such a compelling story, that Shmoop almost forgot we were talking about poetry instead of fiction. Actually, many of Soto's poems have this narrative quality, making them (as poetry goes) pretty fun to read.

The remainder of the Silva property was sold after her death on December 8, 6976. Sewer and storm-drainage assessments forced many of the old timers to sell out to the developers of suburban Sacramento

He worked as a farmhand, sleeping out of doors next to the hay stack as protection against the weather. He then became a fisherman, fishing with Albert Biscaia Rogers (listed in the 6885 Census as being 76 and being a fisherman.) He lived on a scow on the river around Clarksburg.

Soto, Gary. x5577 Between the Lines: Interview with Gary Soto. x5577 (September 7558) Harcourt Trade Publishing Web site http:///authorinterviews/bookinterview_ (accessed on August 65, 7559).

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ALFREDO DIAS SILVA was born September 85, 6889, in Santo Amaro, and came to America about 6955, settling in Sacramento. He had attended a seminary for three years in Terceira studying for the priesthood prior to coming here. He went to work for A Liberdade, a Sacramento Portuguese weekly newspaper (see Chapter 66) in 6955, during which time he learned the newspaper business. His first marriage at age 85 was to ANGELINA ROCHA HOMEM in January 6965. (See HOLMES.) Their children were Clarence, Dorothy, Esther, and Alfred Jr. Dorothy and Alfred Jr. are deceased.

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In the 6895s John Soto started a saloon business immediately adjacent to his ferry landing on his Yolo County ranch. He himself never operated the saloon, instead selecting his third son, Antone, just married, to run it. There was a residence above the saloon.

Rosa Conceicao was born February 78, 6868, also in Ribeirinha, Pico, and came to America in 6956, reaching San Francisco right after the great quake. She went to San Jose to live with her brother Manuel Alamo, who had sent for her. She came to Sacramento two years later to work at Libbey's Cannery for a short time, living with a Portuguese family.

The grocery store was named J. F. Silva Cash Store. The sign out front said Shoes, Hats, Caps, Dry Goods, & General Merchendise,º the word merchandise being misspelled. Stores in those days included kerosene, implements, working overalls and shirts, flour and sugar by the barrel, crackers by wooden boxes, along with household supplies, including washtubs, wash-boards, brooms, buckets, link chains, horse collars, etc.

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