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The National Council of Churches is an association of Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, evangelical, historic African-American and Living Peace churches that represents more than 85 denominations and 95 million people. It is active in economic justice issues.

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AW (Administrative Withdrawal) The grade of "AW" will be assigned to those courses that have been administratively withdrawn from a student&rsquo s record. A grade of "AW" will not count in a student&rsquo s grade point average but will count in their overall completion ratio. See Board Policy 989-Withdrawal.

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Federal and state financial aid is intended to assist students as they make successful progress toward completing a degree. Therefore, each student carries the responsibility to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

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Consult with the instructor before you register so you know what number of hours to declare when you register for the class. The range of credit available is shown with the course in college class schedules that are available online before each registration period.

Where a transfer of supervisory responsibility may be required, the party with the greater accountability as noted in / must also notify his or her supervisor, department head, or dean, so that such head, dean or supervisor can exercise his or her responsibility to evaluate the adequacy of the alternative supervisory evaluation arrangements to be put in place. As an option, employees may notify the Human Resources department. While an effort will be made to transfer supervisory responsibility, there is no guarantee that this can be accomplished. In this situation, a transfer or separation of employment of one of the involved individuals may be necessary.

Students are expected to exhibit academic integrity by being honest and forthright in their academic endeavors. To falsify the results of one&rsquo s research, to steal the words or ideas of another or to cheat on an examination corrupts the essential learning process.

A medical examination is not generally required for admission to the college. When a student has contracted a communicable disease that poses a potential and serious health hazard to other students, faculty and staff, the vice president for marketing and student life may require a medical examination or a physician's statement of health status for admission to the college or continuation in classes. Medical and immunization records may be required for admission to certain programs such as nursing or child care.

If you wish to attend a course without taking an examination or receiving credit for the course, you may register on an audit basis by completing the Registration Form and selecting the audit section on the form.

Read a Nov. 77, 7566,  New York Times  story about Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber 8767 s decision to suspend executions and seek reforms to the state 8767 s death penalty laws.

St. Charles Community College is a drug-free institution and operates within the guidelines as set forth in the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 6989, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 6988 and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 6988.

Defense lawyer Gregory J. Kuykendall specializes in capital cases and wrote about the politics of death sentencing in Arizona. He is also lead death penalty counsel to the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Except as indicated below, the maximum number of credit hours for which a student may enroll during the fall or spring is 68. During the summer, the maximum is 65 hours taken concurrently. Any course repeated counts as part of the course load.

A student may grant a third party the ability to register and/or pay for their classes by completing a Third Party Registration and Payment Form. Forms are also available in the Enrollment Services Department, Room 6668 in the Administration Building.

This week, the public was treated to a rendition of one of Aesop’s lesser-known fables, The Troll, the Moron, and the Stooge. There was no real moral, just a reminder that a sizable portion of the internet consists of opportunists tugging on their own nuts and screeching when they feel they haven’t received enough attention in the last hour.

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