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321gold: Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan 1966

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Fuller then left the baby with her family and moved out of the state.
She later moved back to Atlanta – and failed to contact her family to
let them know she was in Atlanta until 8 years later!

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She should have thought about that before. Too many women out here targeting wealthy celebrities and using them as 68 year pay checks. While its a good easy strategy it 8767 s not a moral one, these celebrities are finally now fighting back. I wish they wuld just keep it in their pants. I 8767 m not defending him, heck i dont even like him.

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There are thousands of mothers who considered abortion or adoption but are now very good mothers. So if a woman can change her mind about not wanting her kid, why can 8767 t he?

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Come on now, she knew darn well that dude wont fitna look at that baby pop out her coochie when he knew he cheated on Eudoxie. Although he done seen the cooch, by this point he was over it

i 8767 ve lost total respect for him to fight for sole custody of a child you never wanted just so you don 8767 t have to pay to support her is gross i just hope he 8767 s really giving that baby the love & attention she needs he has no integrity

You 8767 re on some basic . I 8767 m on some woman . Real women place blame on the men and they punish men who demonstrate bad behavior and they care about other women and they care about children. They don 8767 t do tit for tat like, 8775 you did me wrong, I 8767 m pissed, so I 8767 m going to do me and forget about you and your kid. 8776 They don 8767 t do that. It 8767 s petty and wrong. Two wrongs don 8767 t make a right.

Hey mn y 8767 all are not gonna keep deleting my responses to this simple wench like i said before i don 8767 t have nothing better to do im on vacation & ur entertaining me not once did u read where i said anything in defence of her my comment was about my disgust for him why that bothers u so bad i could care less now are u done?

Puh-leeze!!!!! He 8767 s a freakin 8767 millionaire several times over!!! He 8767 s not regular Leroy, from around the way, who doesn 8767 t have a job and is desperately dodging child support enforcement! Paying whatever child support he owed wouldn 8767 t hurt his bank account one lick. He filed for custody to spite the mother of his child. Plain and simple.

I could agree with you if this woman wasn 8767 t so knee deep in debt and had bills that were 8x her monthly income. Theres a HIGH chance that she was not going to be able to even provide the basics going forward.

They never discussed it but everyone knows what could happen when you have sex unprotected. They both consented to having the baby by not protecting themselves.

[ ] rock star, bathed in riches and glory, propped up by extravagant major label support (. debt, as Steve Albini illustrates). But, guess what? That crap wasn 8767 t happening for you, anyway. How about trading it in for an [ ]

Record company:

$ 765,555


$ 95,555


$ 56,555


$ 57,555

Previous label:

$ 55,555


$ 7,555


$ 67,555

Band member net income each:
$ 9,

[ ] Albini wrote the essay The Problem with Music in 6999 critiquing the music industry and its ability to both give musicians money and then take [ ]

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