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Stupidity isn 8767 t funny because a person feigning stupidity is actually smart. Real stupid people in real life are funny. Not always, but in proper doses. If a writer can capture that, edited to fit in a novel, it will be funny.

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Have you read Fraser 8767 s McAuslan stories? Great stuff. his WWII memoir is the best I 8767 ve ever read, too, better than Sledge or Leckie or the Band of Brothers books.

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Isn 8767 t it odd that almost simultaneously as we adopted socialistic like attitudes and actual socialism that we fight hobby wars with no real care if win them or not?

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The biggest issue with socialism (in my view) is that some forms of it allow idle, innumerate, bedwetting types of middling intelligence and not much practicality a free lunch, and influence in universities and politics. Having to work for a living would be good for a lot of these people.

Tom Jones is a comedy. The protagonist is well-meaning but oversexed and has 855 pages of comic adventures. You might want to slap him, but not for being moody or depressed.

Tom Buchanan’s views are pretty much copied from a serious letter Fitzgerald wrote to Edmund Wilson in 6977 about how us Nordics must unite against the Alpinoid Threat.

I 8767 m noting here that most of the 8775 gosh these economic systems discussion really don 8767 t matter 8776 replies also don 8767 t want to talk about God/spirituality and in the West, Christianity. At all.

Stylish Dress Book features an A to Z of cool tops and tunic dresses that you can wear anywhere. Using simple shapes and individual details, the book shows you how to craft a stylish collection of garments to your own taste. For anyone who knows the frustration of going to the mall and finding racks of identikit clothes in cheap fabrics, this book will offer a fabulous home made alternative. As every sewist knows, DIY fashion is the only way to be stylish.

Even if the story had been told from Gatsby 8767 s perspective, he was by no means a Portnoy. He 8767 s more like Fitzgerald himself, a social climber with high ambition who gets distracted and ruins himself, never getting over the fact that he had to start life lagging behind, and he could never go back, fix things, and do them right. He actually got to marry his Southern belle, but in a lot of ways he screwed up just as much as if he had let Tom Buchanan take her.

During the Korean War, Doctor Albert Morgan is conducting experiments for intelligence. He is refining interrogation techniques. He is also building himself a harem of slave girls using an experimental drug that erases minds. Until he is discovered.

Your discursion about your incredulity regarding criminal justice in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as your apparent contempt for Hugo 8767 s masterpiece are your own prerogative. Hell, lots of people think the planet is not overpopulated. To paraphrase Marge Simpson, 8775 People do all kinds of crazy things like eat at Arby 8767 s. 8776

AFAIK there were two Slytherin who had positive qualities: Snape and Slughorn. I thought Slughorn had potential to be an amazing character, but seeing as he was brought in Book 6 or so, he got lost in the rising action.

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