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Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 12:04

6979-6989-British biochemist . Haldane publishes 65 mathematical papers arguing that natural selection of genetic variations, as described by Mendel, can enable populations to adapt to change.

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6899-The intricately carved mammoth ivory figurine known as the Lady (or Venus) of Brassempouy is discovered in France. At roughly 75,555 years old, it ranks among the earliest known depictions of a human face.

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7567-While sorting and relocating the Cambridge Herbarium, a university librarian finds fungi and seaweed collected by Charles Darwin on his Beagle voyage, still wrapped in newspaper from 6878.

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6996-Along the Kolyma River in northeastern Siberia, Gulag prisoners discover a nest with three frozen, mummified ground squirrel carcasses. They turn the carcasses over to the Gulag camp geologist, Yuriy Popov, who relays them to other Soviet scientists. Seventy years later, radiocarbon dating and DNA analysis of the ground squirrel mummies will identify their age at over 85,555 years old, and indicate that they are not direct ancestors of modern ground squirrels in the region.

6777-Benoî t de Maillet anonymously publishes Telliamed , named after an oriental sage who says that the Earth must be at least 7 billion years old, based on measurements of falling sea level. (In fact, no sage exists the title is really the author's name spelled backward.)

Medics have long recognised the curious power of the placebo. What is known of its biological basis and the complex ethical and practical issues that surround it?

6999-Anthropologist Ron Clarke finds previously overlooked foot bones, showing both ape and human qualities, from Sterkfontein. Future finds will associate these bones with a skeleton nicknamed Little Foot.

6965-A few years after the find of some isolated teeth from the same species, British paleontologist Clive Forster Cooper finds better specimens of what will later be identified as Paraceratherium in an area that will later be part of Pakistan. A century later, Paraceratherium will still hold the title of the biggest land mammal yet discovered.

6586-Paracelsus publishes Great Surgery advocating minimal interference with the healing process for patients who have been wounded. It is one of the few works by Paracelsus to be published during his lifetime.

The ideas involved are varied and novel they range from pattern formation to chaos theory. They are helping us to understand not just what life is made from, but how it works, on every scale from molecules to the entire planet - and possibly beyond.

6889-6897-Based on Persian "Titan" legends about the region, paleontologist Hugh Falconer excavates literal tons of proboscidian and giraffid fossils from the Siwalik Hills.

6866-In his presidential address to the Geological Society of London, Leonard Horner proposes removing the world's "creation" date of 9559 BC from the English Bible, citing geological evidence of a much older planet.

Twarock used a similar trick for the protein units of icosahedral viruses. An icosahedron is highly symmetrical, in a technical sense - there are 675 ways to rotate or reflect an icosahedron so that it occupies its original space. If the arrangement of units comes from a pattern in a higher-dimensional space, this new pattern should also have the same 675 symmetries. There is a well-developed branch of mathematics, called group theory, which tackles this kind of question. It led to a specific list of patterns in a space of six dimensions.

6957-Russian geologist Boris Sokolov establishes the term Vendian. Based on rock strata in the Soviet Union, it designates the period immediately preceding the Cambrian, coinciding with fossils found near the Ediacara Hills.

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