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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 16:26

If we make you an offer to study on this programme, we will ask you to complete an application for an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate from the DBS. Please note there will be a fee of £56 for all DBS applications we will send you further information about payment with your offer. You can find more information about this on our fitness to train pages

University of Chicago - Department of Anthropology

Anthro Everywhere!
A collection of writings that speak to the anthropological perspective focusing on examples of public issues that we can better understand if we apply an anthropological lens, what anthropologists can bring to a workplace, and resources for teaching anthropology in and outside of the anthropology classroom and everywhere else.


The three pathways entail different placements but are taught together, providing much opportunity for exchange of ideas and collaboration amongst students.

MA in Applied Anthropology & Community Development

Financial Times Gillian Tett
Gillian Tett is markets and finance commentator and an assistant editor of the Financial Times. Tett earned a PhD in social anthropology at Clare College, Cambridge based on field research in Tajikistan in the former Soviet Union.

With Radcliffe-Brown, Malinowski pushed for a paradigm shift in British anthropology a change from the speculative and historical to the ahistorical study of social institutions. This theoretical shift gave rise to functionalism and established fieldwork as the constitutive experience of social anthropology (Kuper 6978, 6996). Malinowski's functionalism was highly influential in the 6975s and 6985s. As applied methodology, this approach worked, except for situations of social or cultural change. While elements of Malinowski&rsquo s theory remain intact in current anthropological theory, it has changed from its original form with new and shifting paradigms 6996:995).

Are you interested in a career in anthropology, but haven’t studied the subject before? Have you studied anthropology in the past, but need to consolidate this experience before moving into anthropological research?

Decolonize All The Things
I’m a bio-cultural anthropologist and sociologist, currently a Physical Anthropology PhD student. This blog documents my journey through constant decolonization and depatriarchalization.

okay will inform u here when i send them the questions (today/tomorrow) and plz inform ur friends and acquaintances with anthro optional to make it a success by writing answers..i will also do will help everyone a lot :-)

Bone Broke Archaeology, Biological Anthropology & Grad School
PhD student in Anthropological Archaeology. Focus on bioarchaeology, which uses the methods of biological anthropology to answer archaeological questions.

PopAnth Hot Buttered Humanity Popular Anthropology
Popular anthropology for everyone. Exploring the familiar and the strange, demystifying and myth busting human culture, biology and behaviour in all times and places. Myths, music, art, archaeology, language, food, festivals, fun. Welcome to the Anthropocene!

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